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TEDxCalgary Ardaman Kohli

Ardaman's Headshot

Ardaman Kohli

Interactions Lead

Ardaman loves the eye of the storm. It’s where complex problems are solved through smart solutions, resulting in large social impacts. Ardaman applies his global experience and analytical toolkit (some friends have called it his turban technology!) to unravel technology problems, business problems, people problems, and social problems. After living and breathing the cultures of Hong Kong, India, Thailand, France, Nepal, Timor, Mainland China, USA, and too many other places to remember, Ardaman now lives in Canada.

Here’s something Ardaman would like you to think about:

In theory, communication is the first step in resolving ‘us v/s them’ scenarios. We now have very powerful and pervasive communication technologies, but the world’s ‘us v/s them’ conflicts appear to be getting worse, not better! Why? How can we do better?

Unknown to Ardaman, his 8-year old daughter started watching TED talks last year instead of cartoons. Enough said!