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TEDxCalgary Jonathan Perkins

Jonathan's Headshot

Jonathan Perkins


When he's not out meeting volunteers, prospective partners, and others interested in talking about TEDxCalgary, Jonathan Perkins works in the learning governance field with a large Calgary-based company. From November 2011 to October 2015 he was a member of the Calgary Police Commission, serving two terms.

Jonathan also is an alumnus of the Leadership Calgary class of 2003, and was a returning guide in 2004.

He has previously worked with the LeadWell Foundation/LeadWell Initiatve as Chief Operating Officer, with the Certified Management Accountants of Alberta as Vice President of Accreditation, with CentrePoint as a manager of consulting, and with the Parliamentary Centre in Ottawa as a coordinator of international parliamentary programs and an advisor to Canadian Parliamentary delegations.

Outside of the TEDx world, Jonathan is an avid student of history, politics, and technology. Once in a while, he can also be found wading the fly-fishing streams of Southern Alberta.