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TEDxCalgary Revolutions

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TEDxCalgary (r)Evolutions - May 7, 2016

Our 2016 main annual event -- TEDxCalgary (r)Evolutions -- is now concluded. Thank you to our participants, speakers, interactions partners, sponsors, and many volunteers for a spectacular event!

Stay tuned for videos and event pictures, which are coming soon.

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Final speakers and performers announced for (r)Evolutions!

We're excited to announce the final speakers and performers for our TEDxCalgary (r)Evolutions event on May 7th!

Join us in welcoming Canada's only Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics (Athens 2004), a dancer and therapist who reaches us through movement, an explorer of digital biology, an architect and planner who is changing the way we view urban areas, a student change agent, and a mesmerizing sufi musician and his ensemble. Each in their own ways, they represent the best in (r)Evolutions, challenging us to think in unique perspectives about the change that is always around us... whether it's us, or the world in which we live.


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Kyle Shewfelt

 Kyle Shewfelt

 Olympic Legend and revolutions master





There aren’t many people in the world for whom a move in gymnastics is named after, nor are there many people who moved the hearts and minds of millions of people across Canada in a sporting moment that will reverberate through the ages. Kyle Shewfelt literally revolved his way to become an Olympic legend, winning the first ever Gold Medal in gymnastics for Canada. Kyle is the owner and president of Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics, a place dedicated to growing the love of movement in all its tumbling glory. Follow Kyle on Twitter @kyleshew

Shellyza Murji

 Shellyza Murji

 Existential Bollywood Dancer and Therapist







“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to’s about learning to dance in the rain.” This quote by Vivian Greene has shaped Shellyza’s perspective on life and quite literally influenced her dance career. The medium of dance has allowed Shellyza to experience freedom, growth and joy. The Founder and CEO of Soul Feet Dance Productions has a Masters in Social work with a special interest in dance therapy. Murji has pioneered a dance practice that is inclusive of all abilities and fosters discovery; focusing on personal expression that explores vulnerability, courage and joy. Born an amputee, missing her right arm below the elbow, Shellyza has used dance to embrace life. “Let the rhythm of your soul guide your feet to trace their destiny and create your legacy” is the Motto for Soul Feet Dance Productions. Follow her on Twitter @soulfeetdance


Christian Jacob

 Dr. Christian Jacob

 Digital Biologist and Bio-Informatics Explorer





Imagine the most complex system in the world... now multiply it by a factor of 10. This is the world that Dr. Jacob lives in every day. Modelling organic systems with game-based engines, he operates one of the most cutting edge labs in Calgary (if not North America) on Bio Informatics. A prolific academician and incredible communicator, Dr. Jacob is working on the very edge of what is possible with digital technology. He is a Professor who works jointly with the Cumming School of Medicine as well as the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary.

Beverly A. Sandalack

 Dr. Beverly A. Sandalack

 City Maker and Landscape Architect





A renowned landscape architect, planner, and expert on the built environment, Dr. Sandalack’s career has focused on practical ways to create great cities. A professor in the Faculty of Environmental Design, and a believer in using good urban design to create an even better Calgary, Dr. Sandalack is the Associate Dean for the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary and the Director of the Award-winning Interdisciplinary Urban Lab. Follow her on Twitter @urbanlabyyc

Bandile Phiri

 Bandile Phiri

 Student Change Agent





Bandile Phiri is a 16-year-old student from Calgary, Alberta. She has participated in speaking and debate tournaments for over five years, competing successfully at the regional and national level. After developing an interest in environmental studies and a rooted passion for the climate change subject, Bandile has spoken at conferences throughout the city. With a deep passion and desire to effectively make a difference, Bandile has worked to spread awareness on social media and at speaking events, encouraging others to take action. She now plans to share her idea about how today’s education system needs to be remodeled to work as humanity's defense against the dangerous consequences of climate change. As a current student of the secondary education system, Bandile offers a unique perspective on today's world from the eyes of a millennial.

Karim Gillani

 Dr. Karim Gillani

 Sufi Musician and Ethnomusicologist





Blending ancient and modern instruments, cultures and poetry, Dr. Gillani takes audiences that have included heads of state all the way to students on breathtaking journeys to connect with music that moves the soul. Listeners are often moved to tears with his performances, through the sheer breathtaking beauty. With his commanding stage presence and charisma, he leads a Sufi Ensemble that will create revolutions and evolutions in all those who listen. When not performing, Dr. Gillani is an instructor and ethnomusicologist at the University of Alberta. Find out more about him at



Meet the Serial Entrepreneur and the Tree Farming Philosopher

The TEDxCalgary team is incredibly proud to announce the next set of speakers for our (r)Evolutions event on May 7, 2016.

Rudy Karsan is a renowned global expert on finding and developing new talent, and grew the highly innovative and successful KENEXA organization to the point where it was taken over by IBM in a recent record-setting deal. Having helped define many of today's approaches for talent management, Rudy will share his insights on the global talent marketplace, and how it could impact Calgary.

Dr. Peter Brown has spent his life looking at how we interact with our natural environment as stewards, and will provoke us to think differently about the way we approach our economy in the future.

The (r)Evolutions event will run from 12 noon to 6 p.m. at the Libin Theatre, Cumming School of Medicine, a world-class facility that showcases Calgary's place in medicine and health research. Our speakers will join event participants in a rich interactive experience throughout the day.

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Rudy Karsan

 Rudy Karsan

 Serial Entrepreneur and Talent Seeker





Rudy is passionate about creating jobs that matter. He revolutionized the global human resource space over 25 years through the KENEXA organization. He grew it to become one of the world’s most significant HR firms valued at over a billion dollars, and IBM recently acquired KENEXA in a record deal. He has gone on to found Karlani Capital, an operating fund that aims to “enable the growth and success of ideas that are original, interesting and potentially useful to people.” Actuary, NYTimes bestselling author, family man, uber entrepreneur. Follow him on Twitter @RudyKarsan

Peter Brown

 Dr. Peter Brown

 Tree Farmer and Philosopher





A tree farmer, steward, professor, author and a philosopher. Dr. Brown’s entire career has concentrated on the practical uses of philosophy to think critically about the goals of society.  Since the 1980s this work has centered on the thought systems that legitimate and facilitate the accelerating decline in life’s prospects.  A distinguished academic with his hands firmly grounded in the soil, he is grappling with how we can extricate ourselves from the project of Earth domination. He is currently a professor at McGill University where he directs the Economics for the Anthropocene project (E4A). The E4A project aims to educate up to 60 PhDs in the field of ecological economics; to take seriously the re-imagining of the “human” required by contemporary science; and the establishment of a mutually enhancing human/Earth relationship.




First speakers announced for (r)Evolutions!

The TEDxCalgary organizing team is very pleased to announce the first two speakers on our May 7, 2016 (r)Evolutions event line-up of more than ten speakers and performers.

Both Dr. Mary Anne Moser and Bill Ptacek are true revolutionaries in their respective personal and professional endeavours. They bring fresh and innovative thinking to the way we approach inspiring people around science, and re-imagining our libraries as true community assets.

Stay tuned as we announce more speakers and performers in the coming weeks!

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Dr. Mary Anne Moser | Beakerhead


  Dr. Mary Anne Moser

  Making Science Personal




What do you say about someone who succeeds in making an entire city fall in love with science? Experimental Science Communicator! Beakerhead’s co-founder and president connects hundreds of thousands of Calgarians with cutting-edge scientific insights and spreads grins and inspiration to a new generation of scientists and engineers each year.


Bill Ptacek | Calgary Public Library



Bill Ptacek

Revolutionizing Community



Breathing new life into how Calgarians access knowledge, information, culture, and stories, Bill Ptacek, CEO of the Calgary Public Library, is revolutionizing a beloved 104-year old institution to create the best public library in the world…one community library at a time. As the 240,000 sq. ft. New Central Library transforms downtown Calgary, the Library system is revolutionizing community building for the entire city, making the Library relevant in the lives of all Calgarians.