Fred MeynardArt Director

Fred is a designer, detail lover and a problem solver, bringing over fourteen years of experience in the graphics industry to TEDxCalgary. Fred collaborates with the Marketing, Communications, Web, Stage Design, and Interaction teams to create the visuals for our events.

Known for his smart approach to design, Fred has developed a reputation among graphic artists for delivering clean, thought provoking graphic solutions for our events, as well as year around initiatives to keep our motto of "ideas worth spreading" flowing.

Fred has worked with many in the print industry across North and Central America, and led the Creative team for the Institute of History for Nicaragua and Central America back in 2003. Fred has also been involved with a number of start-ups and is passionate about building community and starting conversations whenever possible. 

"I was the kid who sketched instead of taking notes at school, and now gets to doodle for a living."


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