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FLOW: Connecting the Dots (2024)


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Sensory Accommodations

Embracing the theme of "FLOW: Connecting the Dots," TEDxCalgary recognizes that true mastery and creativity can only be achieved when we cultivate an environment that celebrates the diverse perspectives and unique abilities of all participants.

Through intentional design and a steadfast commitment to accessibility, TEDxCalgary invites each participant to contribute their authentic voice, confident that their unique contributions will be welcomed and amplified.

By embodying the guiding principle of pluralism, this year's event will provide a seamless, inclusive experience that empowers neurodiverse individuals, accommodates sensory needs, and fosters a sense of belonging — unlocking the flow state where innovation and breakthrough thinking can thrive.

Diversity + Inclusion = Belonging

● Diversity is a Fact - Inclusion is a Choice. Belonging is an Outcome.
● To create a space where everyone feels they belong, we must consider what contributes to the well-being of our participants. This requires understanding the different needs of different diversity groups.
● Diversity comes in many forms.
● Inclusive events benefit everyone by allowing all participants to engage fully and feel welcomed.

Here are some examples of groups that will be positively impacted by the accommodations we have included in this year’s event:

○ Neurodivergent Individuals
○ Non-First English Language Speakers
○ Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals
○ People with Physical Disabilities (Visible or Invisible)
○ Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorders
○ Individuals with Mental Health Disorders
○ Individuals who benefit from taking in information utilizing multiple learning styles
○ People of all age groups
○ TEDxCalgary Team in expanding our understanding of inclusivity


Our Accommodations and Sensory Support

1. Registration desks will have:

  • QR Code for access to agenda, map & accommodation details on personal devices
  • Ear plugs (we encourage you to bring your own favourite brand, but will have spares available)
  • Stickers for folks who want to identify their:

○      Pronoun preferences

○      Support buddies

○      Need for a break from social interaction


2. Sensory Support Desk with a couple of Volunteers working to support folks with extra services like:

○      For a tour of the sensory spaces

○      For support requests

○      To ask questions

○      For a Sensory Buddy

○      For a printed agenda with map


3. Live captioning of the speakers by a professional transcriptionist.

4. Quiet Room with self-regulation tools, and activities for people who need a quiet space to retreat.

5. Sensory Friendly Food Table outside of the Quiet room for folks who struggle with Grab & Go food stations, or eating while standing and/or talking to others.


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Aspen Properties Tickets

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As an organizing team, we celebrate the amazing support shown to us by the entire Aspen Properties team as a Visionary level partner. Our home base is in The Ampersand, which is an inspired re-imagining of an iconic Calgary office complex from the early 1980s that is now a world-class destination exemplifying a modern approach to working in community.

To show our thanks, we have a special set of discounted tickets for all tenants of The Ampersand and other Aspen Properties buildings across the city... we're neighbours and friends!

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Note: We request information on what company or organization you work with within the Aspen Properties portfolio, but providing this information is optional.

Event Photo & A/V Team

Our photo and event A/V team for

Don't they always say a picture is worth a thousand words?

Our photographic team captured an amazing variety of stunning images that show the dynamic nature of our event, and we're grateful for their efforts through a long day!

If you have an image from our Flickr album that you like and want to share, please go ahead and download it. All photos are posted and shared under a Creative Commons "Attribution - NonCommercial - NonDerivative" licence (see link here). We ask that you give the photographer(s) in question a credit in your post or in any other use (that's the "Attribution" part). And, if you're ever looking for photographic services, please consider one of our photography team!


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Audio-Visual Team

The team at Alberta Bass provided our audio-visual (A/V) throughout the 2024 "FLOW: Connecting the Dots" event, and provided superb support. Consider them for your next event!

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About our Creative Commons licence

Ideas should be shared far and wide, and we support Creative Commons licencing to ensure that this happens with appropriate respect for the creative genius of those who are doing the creative part!

Learn more about our BY-NC-ND licence...

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Memories of Ken Low

When Rahim Sajan and Jonathan Perkins met at a Leadership Calgary/Human Venture book club event in 2009, little did we know that it would result in a collaboration and deep friendship of more than 14 years. 

Both of us were proud graduates of the Leadership Calgary program led by Ken Low and his Action Studies Institute, which later would morph into the Human Venture team.

Ken's wisdom had a profound influence on each of our outlooks, as it probably has had for most of the graduates of Ken's various programs. Although Jonathan and Rahim came from different program years separated by almost a half decade, the common thread of Ken's frameworks provided an instant language for our intellectual connection. It also inspired us to use the TEDx platform to share wisdom like Ken's with others across our community. That journey has spanned more than a decade and involved more than 150 speakers and tens of thousands of people who have attended our events or watched the talks online.

Ken appeared on our stage twice over the last decade.

His first appearance was at our Humanity 3.0: Leadership The World Needs Now event in April 2010. Anyone who knows Ken would chuckle knowingly at his initial reluctance to try and distill any part of his wisdom down to the mere 18 minutes (maximum) that we give to any speaker under the TED/TEDx formula. Yet Ken rose to the challenge, and his talk led us to the realization that talks like this are meant simply to be trailheads on a bigger journey of exploration.

His second appearance was at our 2017 Origins Salon, where he was able to move the needle once again, reflecting on the evolution of his research and his teaching style over the intervening years. In both cases, we know that Ken influenced the outlooks of many people who saw the talks, and his reach has gone into the thousands with the talk views via the TEDx YouTube channel.

We hpoe that Ken's wisdom and passion for learning will continue to spread, both through the ongoing efforts of those at the Human Venture team, and hopefully through the ongoing sharing of his ideas via the talks we recorded.





180 Ideas Talks

What is a 180 Ideas Talk?

Ever wanted to share an idea more widely than your immediate circle of friends? This is your opportunity!

Our 180 Ideas Talks were inspired by the famous TED "Talks from the audience", where participants had a chance to take the stage to give short, informal talks in between speakers about the ideas they were most passionate about. We adpated that to be short 3-minute (180 second) talks from selected participants at our own in-person events, inspiring them to share a small idea that would help others change their perspectives — do a mental 180!

We then took it even further by bringing 180 Ideas Talks to various public venues where people with great ideas were likely to gather, and have since collaborated with a number of community friends to help amplify some of the ideas coming out of their events. Their participants supply the ideas, and we supply the video platform via our own TEDxCalgary YouTube channel (typically cross-posted to the organization's own channel).

Click to see some examples!



How it works

When we offer this event interaction, individuals are given an opportunity to sign up for a 15-minute time slot in which they can outline, rehearse, and record their talk with our 180 Ideas video team. The time slots are tightly controlled, so we greatly encourage people to think about and rehearse their idea talk in advance, so that they can give the talk as naturally as possible within the time allowed.

A good guideline is to keep it really simple. You'll only have time to share one idea in a concise format, so be sure that you can address the following key points:

  1. State the idea up front! For example, "My idea is that everyone should get an extra two holiday days each year, to use for whatever they want" or "I want to share the idea that comes from Person X, which I think isn't getting enough attention right now." Don't make people wait until the very end to tell them what your idea is. 
  2. Tell people why it's important to you, and why you think it should be important to them. Here, you want to make the idea relate to something that you've been thinking about for a while, a problem you've encountered for which your idea is a potential solution, and why it applies more broadly to society — and Calgary in particular. 
  3. What are some practical examples of how your idea applies to daily life? Make these relatable to the experiences of others. Your idea shouldn't be so narrow or lofty that others can't relate, so take some time to explain how and where people might put the idea to use.
  4. How can people get involved in your idea? If people want to learn more, or join you in amplifying the idea, where can they go to get additional information, or how can they take the idea and apply it in their own way? Remember that the TED/TEDx motto is "Ideas worth spreading", so encourage people to take your idea further.

Do you get stage fright? Everyone can, so we have a trained facilitator who can ask you a few simple questions to prompt you through talking about your idea. If you're not able to deliver the idea in a single take, this option allows us to edit your talk together in post-production.

What NOT to talk about... Talks that are inherently commercial in nature (including based on selling or promoting personal coaching services, counselling, or products) are not considered, nor are talks that are based on a single religious faith, inherently divisive social viewpoints and opionions, or pseudo-scientific principles. It is a cardinal rule of TEDx talks (even 180 Ideas Talks) that they should be evidence-based, which means that such evidence should be accessible to others and not based on New Age frameworks, personal visions, or conspiracy theories that can't be tested. Such concepts might some day be proven, but we're comfortable taking the stance that we won't promote them from our stage in the interim.


Important conditions and restrictions

Anyone doing a 180 Ideas Talk must sign our standard speaker release form. Among other things, this asks you to verify that your idea doesn't contain any copyrighted material that you don't have appropriate permissions to redistribute, that you understand you won't be financially compensated for the idea or its ongoing distribution via electronic or other means, and that you understand that we have full editorial control over whether the talk will be publicly released and maintained online (meaning we have the right to remove it at our discretion). 

The release form will be available for review in full at the interaction, and must be signed before the talk is recorded. As the release is used globally by TED and all TEDx organizing teams, no provisions in the release are waivable or negotiable.

All TED and TEDx talks are shared under a Creative Commons CC BY–NC–ND 4.0 International licence, and have important restrictions around modifications, embedding in other works, and commercial use. Please see the TED Talks Usage Policy for full details.

Speaker Alumni Profiles

They're the many incredible voices we've featured over the last decade: our more than 140 speaker alumni!

Learn more about a few of them as we feature alumni from various events during our 10th anniversary year and beyond. Watch their original talk, and get updates on what they're up to today. As part of our continuing celebration of their contributions to our journey, we also hope to bring some of them back for a short podcast interview to catch up, or to help guide an interaction at a future annual event.


We've had the opportunity to feature more than 160 speakers on our stage over the last 15 years, from all ages and walks of life. Speakers from our most recent events will appear here, but be sure to check our past events to see talks from prior years.

If you or someone you know is interested to become a TEDxCalgary speaker, please review our Become a Speaker page for some basic background information. From there, you can submit an online nomination form.

UCalgary Alumni tickets

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TEDxCalgary is pleased to be able to offer discounted tickets to our 2024 events for University of Calgary alumni, through a special partnership with the university. These can be purchased at check-out for any of our ticketed events.

Please note that discounted tickets are intended for alumni members. For accompanying guests who are not alumni, you can add regular admission and/or student tickets (which have a greater discount) while completing your order on the Showpass ticketing system.

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Additional information is requested at check-out for purchases of alumni tickets. This information will be shared with the University of Calgary for authentication and community engagement purposes, including name, year(s) of graduation and degree(s) achieved.. All information provided is protected under the Alberta FOIP Act (for the University) and PIPA (for TEDxCalgary). Please see TEDxCalgary's Privacy policy page and Terms of Use page for further information.