The Road Ahead...

As we slowly start to see vaccination rates having an impact on infection rates, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Like many event-focused organizations impacted by restrictions, we're working to find an appropriate balance between virtual and in-person events as restrictions start to ease up.

Above all, your safety and that of our volunteers is paramount. While we wish that we truly could be "Open for summer!", the scientific evidence and experience in other jurisdictions makes us a bit more cautious about jumping back to in-person events before we see higher rates of second vaccinations. Even then, we recognize that in-person events have changed fundamentally, and we'll continue to have evidence-based protocols as needed.

We're hopeful that Fall 2021 will be a time to resume in-person events at a reduced scale, and look forward to seeing you there when we do! Stay tuned...

- The TEDxCalgary team

ENGAGE: Deeply [2021?] Featured

Postponed Indefinitely TEDxCalgary Events

This event has been postoned indefinitely due to continuing Coronavirus/COVID-19 restrictions for larger gatherings. 

Why we've chosen to postpone

As our planned 10th Anniversary event, ENGAGE: Deeply was designed as a deep exploration of amazing ideas, accompanied by equally deep conversations and rich interactions with other participants at the stunning New Central Library.

To be truly immersive and expressive of our philosophy of engagement, it needs to be in person.

Instead of trying to fundamentally compromise that design, we've chosen to postpone versus morph it into something we feel would be less.


In the short term, we are set to host the first of several smaller, all-virtual events with the launch of ENGAGE: Connected on November 18, 2020. Learn more by clicking on the link, and we'll hope to see you there in the near future!



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We're immensely proud of all our speakers, and encourage you to enjoy the talks.

The TEDxCalgary Team


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