Get ready to share your ideas at Beakerhead!

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Ready to share some of your own powerful ideas?

The TEDxCalgary community team will be out in force at Beakerhead's 2018 "Beakernight" on September 22nd with our mobile 180Ideas video unit.

What are 180Ideas? Well, remember the famed "Speakers Corner" of music video DJ days? (Yes, we're willing to date ourselves in the name of science and ideas!)

Even if you don't, you'll get the drift pretty quickly. Find a team member carrying one of our lighted signs, and ask us where you can record some of your own impressions about the installations you've seen. What ideas have the amazing work of the Beakerhead "Makers" stimulated in you? You'll have 180 seconds (3 minutes) to record your idea(s), and share them with others through our social media channels. Whose minds can you turn around (do a "180") with your ideas?

And, who knows... your idea might just land you a further discussion with one of our curators about a future spot on our TEDxCalgary stage!




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Dr. Mary Anne Moser, Beakerhead Co-Founder, at our (r)Evolutions event in 2016

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