An evolving events landscape

Like every other events-based organization, we're back into more COVID restrictions as of today.

That's a frustrating experience, especially since we were just getting set to resume some limited in-person events next week, with our forthcoming TEDxCalgaryLive event on September 21st. Right now, we're working with our event venue hosts and public health authorities to understand more about the new restrictions, and what options we have to carry out or modify our existing plans.

For anyone who has registered for an in-person event option, please stay tuned... we will have updates as soon as we can. If you're wanting to be part of the event, but are concerned about the new restrictions, please know that you can always participate using our virtual platform, which includes the capability for vibrant discussions with other participants!


The TEDxCalgary Team

Navigators videos are released!

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Big Problems. Big Opportunities. Even Bigger Ideas!

Watch the videos from our 2018 main event, "Navigators". Held on November 3, 2018, we featured 16 speakers giving 14 amazing talks to a sold-out theatre of more than 400 participants. Whether you were there to see the talks in person, or are watching online for the first time, pick your favourite video and spread it around to friends, family, and colleagues!

View the playlist and watch other videos from past events on TEDxCalgary's YouTube channel (and yes, please subscribe!)

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