Community Salons and Adventures

Engage with other interesting Calgarians throughout the year by attending one of our ongoing community-based Salon events, or one of our occasional special adventures (that's the "+" part of Salons+)! 

Community Salons

Salon-based events evoke the famous salon gatherings of the 18th Century Enlightenment period, which stimulated the development and spread of many of the basic political, scientific, and social ideas that underpin our modern life (for good or bad). Our amazing team of volunteer hosts select a series of pre-recorded TEDTalks to view throughout the year, and they engage participants in a series of dynamic, structured discussion questions.

Where the topic ultimately goes is up to you, the participants! It's an excellent way to meet new people with a shared interest in ideas, and to challenge one's own viewpoints. With existing COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings, our community salons are currently hosted virtually, but we hope to resume in-person events when this becomes possible from a safety standpoint.

These events are free to attend, but require online registration to ensure that we are able to accommodate the group size, and to ensure that we can send participants a post-event feedback form. Please note that these community salon events DO NOT feature live speakers unless specifically noted (see more about those events further down the page).

Special TEDxCalgary Adventures

From time to time, we get the opportunity to visit some special places that normally are a bit off the beaten path. Sometimes it's joining others to take a special art-focused walk around our city, or explore a particular neighbourhood. Other times, it's a chance to go behind the scenes with a particular lab (think robotics, or advanced data visualization) or an interesting organization (like a gelato factory!). Some are just outright experimental, so join us for the fun of making the "x" in TEDxCalgary stand for something different each time!
When running, our TEDxCalgary Adventures will be listed under the community salons area (and possibly under events, depending on how they're structured).

TEDxCalgary Salons with a difference!

At various times of the year, we host larger Salon events that feature live speakers, blended with a vibrant set of participant discussions and interactions. These Salons are posted in our Events section when running, and are ticketed events with a modest entry fee to cover our event costs.