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We've had the opportunity to feature more than 140 speakers on our stage over the last 10 years, from all ages and walks of life. Speakers from our most recent events will appear here, but be sure to check our past events to see talks from prior years.

Dr. Ali AsaniNavigating Religions

How does our concept of religion inspire and contribute to our artistic creativity? Ali S. Asani is Professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures at Harvard University. He provides instruction on a variety of courses on the Islamic tradition, and he is a specialist of Islam in South Asia. Professor Asani's research focuses on the Shii and Sufi devotional traditions in the region, and explores how religion and the arts intersect in a cultural perspective.

The author of several books and numerous articles, he is particularly interested in the relationship between religion, literature and the arts. Professor Asani’s use of the arts in pedagogy is part of his broader effort to eradicate “religious illiteracy.” He is a recipient of the Harvard Foundation medal for his contributions to improving intercultural and race relations and Harvard’s Petra C. Shattuck Prize for excellence in teaching.

We regret that the video from Dr. Asani's talk is no longer available.