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We've had the opportunity to feature more than 140 speakers on our stage over the last 10 years, from all ages and walks of life. Speakers from our most recent events will appear here, but be sure to check our past events to see talks from prior years.

Shaffina MohamedNavigating Gardens of Connection

With a career that spans building a socially-conscious occupational therapy practice and currently managing operations for her family's industrial lighting company, Shaffina Mohamed is an entrepreneur, community investor, and people connector at heart. Shaffina currently leads the Ismaili community engagement with the Aga Khan Garden, Alberta under the Aga Khan Council for Edmonton. With a strong interest in better understanding the parks and gardens restored and developed by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture worldwide -- including the new garden in Edmonton opening in October 2018 -- her quest for learning and understanding has led Shaffina to be the visionary for a multi-sensory production ‘Reflections in Paradise’ in an effort to bring awareness about the impact of these spaces on individuals, families, communities, and countries.

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Shaffina Mohamed at Navigators (2018) | Video editing by Farmor Architecture