Our Speakers

We've had the opportunity to feature more than 140 speakers on our stage over the last 10 years, from all ages and walks of life. Speakers from our most recent events will appear here, but be sure to check our past events to see talks from prior years.

Please note that our speaker nomination form is temporarily offline while we are reviewing current nominations. Watch for its return during the summer!

Garret Smith--Exploring a Healing Dialogue

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Exploring a new, healing form of dialogue about how we better share traditional lands and overcome the legacy of First Nations trauma within our broader society is Garret Smith's way of using the power of his voice.

Garret is a proud member of the Piikani and Kainai Tribes of the Blackfoot Nation in Southern Alberta. He is a graduate of the Centre For Indigenous Theatre in 2013, Interim Artistic Director for Making Treaty 7, and is the Founder of the "Mohkinstsis Healing Camp" previously (and still occasionally!) located in downtown Calgary, Alberta.

Garret is an activist, actor and writer.


Nicole Hartley Bradford--Awakening Villages of Connection

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Nicole Hartley Bradford has a crazy dream of a world full of re-wilded humans living on a planet we have saved from ruin (she hopes).

She sees this happening by way of our developing radically intimate relationships with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. In her dream, we have come to live again within the intimate connections and social support structure of the village, even within a much larger community or city structure.

In order to help her dream come true, Nicole shares it with others, and asks to hear about their wildest dreams. With those who draw near, she shares tools she and her friends have gathered for natural healing, learning, growing and building connections between people through intentional collaboration on projects like "buddy bags". She trusts that we will save the world. She also realizes we might not — and, if we don’t, she hopes her four children will be proud of her efforts.


Kris Kelly-Frère--Transforming Communities

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Kris has staked his career on the idea that people will rise to the challenge if asked the right question.

Currently supporting the transformation of a regional recreation centre into a next generation social infrastructure hub and movement, he also leads a hybrid public health research project + social innovation lab called the GenH Play project. He's primarily interested in the craft of leadership and the development of adaptive and resilient communities.

Previously a Senior Innovation Designer helping to found the Civic Innovation YYC Project at the City of Calgary, he focused on working to craft new channels for citizens to create with their governments. Along the way his team nurtured adaptive tools and mindsets with the belief that government can, and must, do better. He appreciates the challenge of asking "how could I be a better ancestor" as we tackle emergent and complex problems.

Holding a Master’s degree in Architecture, Kris was part of the core team that designed the experiences and operations for Canada's newest science centre, TELUS Spark. He's an Alumni of Leadership Calgary, The Banff Centre, and has broad experience applying both design and strategic thinking at a range of scales. His work also includes an active art practice, community leadership and critical writing. In another life, he was a tap dance instructor, sometimes coaches high intensity rowing classes, and can't stop drawing.