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Big thinking is coming to town...

What happens when big ideas come to town?

In cases like the WhatWorks 2022 summit from the Social Progress Imperative that's coming to Banff in late May, it's a chance for a premier gathering of global thought leaders, innovators and social entrepreneurs to use evidence and experience to debate and advance solutions that drive social impact.


TEDxCalgaryLive 2022

Join TEDxCalgary and community partners for a lively session of specially-curated talks fresh from TED2022, "A New Era"

Unless you attended it live in Vancouver this year, this will be a unique opportunity to watch some of the latest talks from the event and engage in live, in-person discussions with other equally curious Calgarians!

We'll be hosting two sessions via our online events platform, Run The World::

  • Lunchtime "brown bag" - 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. (bring your own lunch to enjoy while watching)
  • Evening "ideas mixer" - 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (with additional options for discussions with other participants)


Registration is free via our Showpass ticketing site, and please select the applicable session option under ticket types (or register for both).



Special Note:

Due to recent COVID exposures among members of our event team and/or their family members, we have had to convert this event to an online format. As an evidence-based organization, we take our public health responsibilities seriously, and do not wish to contribute to onward transmission of the virus while team members may be able to pass it along.

We very much look forward to a future opportunity to connect with participants within the new Platform Innovation Centre, where we are a programming partner, in the coming months.


Calgary Unplugged | An Earth Hour Collaborative Event

TEDxCalgary is joining a number of community partners to celebrate Earth Hour 2022 through "Calgary Unplugged", an awesome set of talks, interactions, and a pedal-powered dance party when we (and several other municipal locations around the city) disconnect from the grid!

You're encouraged to attend the event in person at Calgary's Central Library (note: capacity restrictions are in effect), or hop onto our TEDxCalgary web stream between 7:00 p.m. and lights out at 8:30 p.m., when we'll also close off the web stream. In between, our Facebook page will feature both the main web stream and a number of live, on-site video vignettes from the interactions zone.

Join us on our Facebook page here for the live stream:

Calgary Unplugged Web Stream | Facebook


TEDxCalgaryWomen 2021


Join the TEDxCalgary team and other members of our community for an evening of exceptional ideas fresh from the stage of TEDWomen 2021!

You'll be among the first to view specially-curated talks from some of the best and brightest minds in the world, and engage with other participants in lively virtual discussions about what you've seen.



Powerful Ideas. Great Conversations. Effective Actions.

Join the TEDxCalgary team and several community friends for an evening of thought-provoking talks fresh from the October 2021 TEDCountdown Summit stage in Edinburgh, Scotland. Watch with us as we hear the latest thinking on how to turn powerful ideas into effective actions and influence the course of climate change in the critical years until 2030.

We'll be following the talks with a fireside chat panel with local experts, who can help us set the context for how some of these ideas translate to our local environment. It's a great opportunity to hear from past TEDxCalgary speakers who have delivered their own amazing talks over the last decade, as well as others in the community who continue to work hard on making positive impacts for our collective environmental future.


HatchUp Magazine

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It's a wonderful thing to see an idea come to fruition, and we're very pleased to be partnering with HatchUp Magazine as it launches into the Calgary marketplace (and beyond) to explore the intersections between business, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. As they describe themselves, it's a magazine for the community, from the community.

Being community-based and community-minded ourselves, it was a great and natural collaboration with the magazine team and the wonderful folks behind the idea at HatchUp Media. We're pleased to be a recurring guest columnist on the ideas front, and really encourage our community to embrace this new voice in our midst. Who knows? Maybe you'll be appearing in it or writing for it at some point, too!


Canada and social progress

As TEDx organizers, we're big proponents of making evidence-based decisions. As Canadians, we take our quality of life seriously -- it is one of the things that helps define us as a nation, together with the principle that we need need to keep developing those standards for all Canadians.

When it comes to something so seemingly nebulous like "social progress", it can be daunting to try and nail down how to measure that in a meaningful way. It's essential that we do so, however, so that we can hold useful discussions about how to move the needle as a country, or as a region or city within our larger national structure.

Through a great friend of ours (thanks, Camille!) we recently were introduced to the amazing folks at the Social Progress Imperative. Haven't heard of it? Neither had we, but we're eternally grateful for having been introduced. Philosophically, we're very aligned. As they describe their mission:

We dream of a world in which people come first. A world where families are safe, healthy and free. Economic development is important, but strong economies alone do not guarantee strong societies. If people lack the most basic human necessities, the building blocks to improve their quality of life, a healthy environment and the opportunity to reach their full potential, a society is failing no matter what the economic numbers say.

The Social Progress Index is a new way to define the success of our societies. It is a comprehensive measure of real quality of life, independent of economic indicators.  

So, where does Canada rank? Right now, we score in the top 10 globally, coming in at a respectable 7th place internationally. As a country, that might not reflect our self-perception of how we're doing, but take a closer look at our scorecard results and let us know what you think:

can scorecard 600

pdfcan-scorecard.pdf164.28 KB

As Calgarians, we're also very fortunate to have the forward-thinking work of the Calgary Foundation to draw upon, with their annual Vital Signs survey of how we rank our city's current status on a number of dimensions that fit with the categories in the Social Progress Index. Together, we think these two frameworks make for powerful tools to frame our societal discussions on how we're doing, and where we want to make improvements.

Want to see how we're doing at the moment?

Make sure to RSVP for the upcoming Vital City event on October 13 at lunchtime with Eva Friesen, President and CEO, and Murray Laverty, Board Chair, as they present the Calgary Foundation's Report to Community, and guests Marichu Antonio and Elder Casey Eagle Speaker reflect on community change.

Above all, we encourage you to engage in discussion around the social progress frameworks both of these initiatives represent, especially as you interact with your local candidates for municipal elections. And, join us for upcoming events this Fall where we dig deeper on several of these categories with though-provoking talks and dynamic discussions with other participants. Stay tuned for more in our Events section, and on our social channels!


Platform Calgary

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The Platform Innovation Centre, located in the heart of Calgary's East Village neighbourhood, is a hub dedicated to supporting startups and entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey.

The Innovation Centre provides a single point of access to resources, supports, programming and events to help startups successfully launch and grow their business. And, based on its location beside City Hall, the Central Library, and Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre — the Platform Innovation Centre will help create connections for local innovators, driving new economic growth and job creation in Calgary.

As a programming partner, TEDxCalgary is pleased to be getting ready to help Platform generate new ideas and tell the stories of some of the emerging innovators from the space whose ideas are worth spreading.


TEDxCalgaryLive 2021

As a TEDx organizing team, we're very pleased to be presenting a selection of curated content from 2021's flagship TEDMonterey event, "The Case for Optimism".

Join us on September 21, 2021 for an evening of amazing talks curated by our team, and engage with other participants in lively discussions about what you've watched. We are anticipating that there may be some options for in-person attendance on a limited basis, as well as streaming of the talks and online discussions via our virtual event platform if you're not comfortable to attend in person, or just prefer to join us from the comfort of your own place!


At the intersection of ideas

As we plan for our 2021 events, we continue to find that we sit at the intersection of so many great ideas and too little time to pursue them all!

Of course, that's probably an enviable place to be. We'd all be in a much poorer place as a species if good ideas were highly scarce. At the same time, it also makes it more important for us to continually curate the ideas that are best suited to our current time and place in history. Especially as we start to emerge from the pent-up nature of the pandemic, we anticipate that people will be even hungrier for the types of ideas that help us make sense of the next step. We have lots to recover from, and a vast number of choices to make as we attempt to move forward as societies in a post-pandemic world.