Become a Speaker

Do you have a TEDx talk in you?

We like to think that everyone has a TEDx talk in them, at some point in their lives. If you know someone who's at that point, we'd like to hear about them and consider them for our stage.

The process is simple: Start by filling out this nomination form (yes... you can nominate yourself)

From there, all consideration of speakers starts with a conversation with one of our curators, and we match speakers to our event themes. Please note that we may not be able to contact you for several weeks during busy periods in the lead-up to an event.



Can I suggest someone I don't know personally? You ask for their email address, but I don't know it.

Please do! Just let us know how you've heard about this person, and why you think they should speak at TEDxCalgary.


Can I suggest someone I work for, or a client of mine?

Yes. It's their ideas that matter!


Can I suggest myself as a speaker?

Yes. Again, we want to hear about ideas that you think are worth spreading, including your own!


What do you pay speakers?

TEDxCalgary does not pay speakers. This is a matter of TEDx policy, and the same applies to speakers at TED. Where we select a speaker who must travel from outside of Calgary, we do pay for flights, hotels, and reasonable meal expenses.

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