We can't cultivate a garden of ideas and nurture a culture of conversation all on our own!

Thanks to the many partners we have had across the Calgary community throughout the last decade, we have been able to bring over 140 amazing speakers to our stage and thousands of participants together to explore the power of ideas. Our unique partnership value proposition is being able to gather a group of participants who are genuinely curious about the world around them, and often committed to positive actions of change.

Our partnerships are not just financial: they're also very much about exploring ways to create amazing experiences and powerful connections for our participants. So, we might think about adventures to unique places and spaces that people might not know about, opportunities to let participants get hands-on with new technologies that are being talked about from our stage, or ways to deepen the knowledge of participants about a particular idea.

Let's get creative together!


Interested to talk about partnership opportunities?

Here's our process:

coffee Let's have an initial conversation over coffee to talk about our mutual interests and dream a little.
plan Let's plan to do something amazing together, especially things that can really engage our participants in unique ways.
do Let's make it happen. We're agile and have a strong sense of fun, so let's get moving!


 Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email, or start things rolling by calling us at 587.997.4873, ext. 2