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More adventures are coming!

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ENGAGE: 2019 is going to be a year of profound ideas...

Whether it's one of our regular monthly community salons at a local branch of the Calgrary Public Library, one of our larger engagement salons with live speakers and deep conversations, or even a campfire adventure outdoors, we're ready to talk with you about the ideas that matter for our city. We'll be exploring some fun and unique ways to share ideas with our participants, and have meaningful conversations about what we can do to help move some of them forward.

And, we'll also be featuring our main annual event again in November -- it's time to celebrate our tenth year of programming with a special type of event that goes even deeper than the more than one dozen live events we've held in the last decade.

Stay tuned to our 8 Seconds news bulletin, our social media channels, or this website for more updates as we start releasing our event plans for 2019.

Be part of the magic: ENGAGE with ideas!



Navigators videos are released!

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Big Problems. Big Opportunities. Even Bigger Ideas!

Watch the videos from our 2018 main event, "Navigators". Held on November 3, 2018, we featured 16 speakers giving 14 amazing talks to a sold-out theatre of more than 400 participants. Whether you were there to see the talks in person, or are watching online for the first time, pick your favourite video and spread it around to friends, family, and colleagues!

View the playlist and watch other videos from past events on TEDxCalgary's YouTube channel (and yes, please subscribe!)

Taking Pride in Contributing to Community

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Why do we have a passion to contribute back to our community?

It's a personal choice, and often comes with the sacrifice of hard work over long hours away from family, friends, and other more relaxing pursuits. It also brings its own sense of adventure and accomplishment, especially when you have the unique opportunity of being at the forefront of finding and telling compelling stories about ideas that can truly change the way we navigate forward as humans (not to mention as Calgarians).

We're extraordinarily proud of TEDxCalgary co-founder, long-time and greatly esteemed curator, and friend Rahim Sajan – recipient of the University of Calgary's 2018 Alumni Service award. It's a very deserving recognition of his efforts on so many fronts in our community, including teaching and guiding students by day (Rahim styles himself as a professional "question asker", and has a great talent for it), serving as a University Calgary Senator, and doing all that he does for TEDxCalgary and related endeavours with our community partners like the Cumming School of Medicine.

Join us in celebrating Rahim's contributions: to us, and to many others!


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