Miranda KrogstadPoet and Storyteller

Spoken word poet meets eternal optimist: Miranda's poetry ranges in topic from child's play to empowerment, giving life's obstacles a feel-good finish. A Calgary Arts Development grant recipient, a 2-time Canada Council for the Arts grant recipient, a member of the 2016 national wild card team, and a member of the 2013 Spoken Word Program at the Banff Centre, she now runs the spoken word network YYSpeak: a communal and supportive space for local spoken word artists.

Since "a dozen different cultures who historically hated each other had to make love to make [her]," Krogstad has developed a keen interest in inclusivity and acceptance. From fully-captioned shows to events on gender equality, mental health, and cultural diversity, her spoken word poetry strives to be empowering and accessible to varying abilities and languages. Ultimately, her work encourages individuals of all walks of life to share their voice kindly, bravely, and inclusively.

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