Navigators (2018)

They're our Navigators... those special people who are pursuing the next wave of opportunity in technology, science, health, and energy. They are tackling big problems that need equally big thinking about solutions. And, they are helping us to explore ourselves and our time in history. Their perspectives guide us, inform us, and inspire us.

View the speakers from our 2018 "Navigators" main annual event, held on November 3, 2018. Visit the speaker's profile page to view their talk.


Shaffina Mohamed--Navigating Gardens of Connection

Shaffina MohamedNavigating Gardens of Connection

With a career that spans building a socially-conscious occupational therapy practice and currently managing operations for her family's industrial lighting company, Shaffina Mohamed is an entrepreneur, community investor, and people connector at heart. Shaffina currently leads the Ismaili community engagement with the Aga Khan Garden, Alberta under the Aga Khan…
Tristan Gooley--Natural Navigator

Tristan GooleyNatural Navigator

How do we keep alive a navigational tradition that helps to define us as humans? Before there was the compass and GPS, there was the art and craft of navigating by the sun, stars, water, and wind. Based in the UK, Tristan is “The Natural Navigator” and has led expeditions…
Zain Verjee--Navigating Authentic Storytelling

Zain VerjeeNavigating Authentic Storytelling

How do we ensure that we tell more authentic stories in our media, especially on behalf of groups that don't normally command sustained media attention? One of the world’s most respected and recognized journalists, Zain Verjee has worked as a CNN International anchor, reporter, and interviewer. She is also the…
Dr. Barbara Perry--Navigating Alt-Extremism

Dr. Barbara PerryNavigating Alt-Extremism

In a world rife with extremism acts, how do we help change things when that next extremist might well be our neighbour and look exactly like us? A Professor in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and the Director of the…
Dr. Pratim Sengupta--Navigating STEM Education

Dr. Pratim SenguptaNavigating STEM Education

What does it mean to design technologies as public worlds? Dr. Pratim Sengupta, Research Chair of STEM Education at the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education has been working to understand this question by designing open source and open science technologies in public spaces and public schools through unsilencing…
Notas de 4--Navigating Musical Fusion

Notas de 4Navigating Musical Fusion

A powerful fusion of traditional Flamenco influences combined with traditional Latin American tunes and Mexican, Cuban, and Canadian jazz, Notas de 4 performances are intense, edgy, energetic, and inspiring.
Dr. Paul Fedak--Navigating Surgery

Dr. Paul FedakNavigating Surgery

A cardiac surgeon and scientist at the University of Calgary, Dr. Fedak is committed to the innovation and translation of new surgical therapies for patients with advanced heart disease. He has pioneered several novel surgical techniques, and leads a collaborative research effort with Northwestern University to better understand risk prediction…
Dr. Shadia Drury--Navigating Philosophy

Dr. Shadia DruryNavigating Philosophy

How did we come to see the world as revolving around us as humans, versus understanding ourselves to be part of a bigger natural order? Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2005 in the discipline of philosophy and ethics, Dr. Drury’s lifelong exploration of the…
Alice Woolley--Navigating Ethics

Alice WoolleyNavigating Ethics

Amid the controversy of U.S. Supreme Court nominations that highlight the challenges of defining the truth in public allegations of misconduct, what are the ethical and moral responsibilities of those watching and commenting in the public sphere? Twice named one of Canada’s 25 most influential lawyers, Alice Woolley can be…
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