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ENGAGE: Intentionally Salon

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Explore a different way of building community through deep, intentional dialogue. In the process, discover how we can help shape our sense of purpose either individually, or collectively as a city.

Our three speakers sparked our imaginations with their talks, sharing both perspectives and tools that our participants could use to engage other participants in a set of deep conversations about what YOU think we need to change about our dialogue on community. We immersed ourselves in interactions with other equally curious Calgarians, helping us generate a new and far-reaching conversation about how we define our purpose.


Dr. Brad Stelfox | Energy: Full Spectrum (2013)

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Especially amidst our current environment of rampant "Me, Here, Now" thinking that emphasizes short-term gratification over long-term thinking about the impacts of our gradually changing land use habits, Dr. Brad Stelfox's message from our Energy: Full Spectrum event in 2013 is even more important than ever. And, as many climate change activists remind us, time is running out.

It's a stark and compelling reminder that we need to engage in deeper societal discussions about the way in which we intend to use our most precious assets of water, land, and energy. Back in 2013, more than 77% of Alberta's land was under some form of active use, and key indicators of water quality were steadily declining. Today's picture is no better, and likely worse based on the historical numbers. The challenge is that such change is gradual, and easily slips past our human notice – akin to the famous "boiling frog" fable.



Satya Das | Breaking Through (2011)

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An accomplished professional strategist, commentator, and multi-book author, Satya's talk at our 2011 "Breaking Through" event contributed a recurring theme for us as an organization: helping to make Calgary not just one of the best cities IN the world, but one of the best FOR the world.

There are many people and organizations across Calgary – and Alberta – who are seeking a similar outcome, but few express it as eloquently, thoughtfully, and passionately as Satya. In his talk, he reminds us that we enjoy the unique position of having won the "geological lottery", sitting atop some of the world's most impressive proven reserves of oil and gas (not to mention other forms of geothermal energy, solar, and wind). Along with the relative prosperity and immense opportunity that brings in comparision to other parts of Canada and the world, it also conveys with it a sense of responsibility. Alone, our province has enough theoretical natural resources wealth to be able to finance resolving intractable world problems like hunger. But how will we choose to spend our legacy?

Since his talk with us in 2011, Satya continues to be a dynamic media commentator in both English and French, and is launching a new book in 2019 called Us, about humans who live together enjoying freedom from fear and freedom from want: in community, with dignity, in harmony with one another and with the natural world. Along with his other works, it highlights a rich personal life matched with professional and volunteer work that is deeply informed with a lifelong commitment to human rights as a way of life, and the principles of human dignity espoused by M.K. Gandhi.

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ENGAGE: Deeply [2020]

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Our 10th Anniversary event is a deep exploration of amazing ideas, accompanied by equally deep conversations and rich interactions with other participants at the stunning New Central Library.

Join us for a day of immersing yourself in Ideas worth spreading, both presented from the stage by our speakers and as shared by you -- our participants -- in a varied set of experiences hosted by our volunteer team and interactions partners across the library.

Be part of the day's campfire conversations by sharing your perspectives with us and others, including interactions like recording your own TEDxCalgary 180Ideas talk (180 seconds/3 minutes to inform or change someone's viewpoint); sharing a deep conversation with a friend, family member or brand-new acquaintance using the TED Prize winning StoryCorps app; or contributing to the live creation of a work of art to commemorate the day!

Tickets on sale: click to buy tickets on Showpass!

Are you a University of Calgary Alumni? Visit our special UCalgary Alumni ticket page if you are... discounts apply!

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