An evolving events landscape

Like every other events-based organization, we're back into more COVID restrictions as of today.

That's a frustrating experience, especially since we were just getting set to resume some limited in-person events next week, with our forthcoming TEDxCalgaryLive event on September 21st. Right now, we're working with our event venue hosts and public health authorities to understand more about the new restrictions, and what options we have to carry out or modify our existing plans.

For anyone who has registered for an in-person event option, please stay tuned... we will have updates as soon as we can. If you're wanting to be part of the event, but are concerned about the new restrictions, please know that you can always participate using our virtual platform, which includes the capability for vibrant discussions with other participants!


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TEDxCalgaryLive 2021

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As a TEDx organizing team, we're very pleased to be presenting a selection of curated content from 2021's flagship TEDMonterey event, "The Case for Optimism".

Join us on September 21, 2021 for an evening of amazing talks curated by our team, and engage with other participants in lively discussions about what you've watched. We are anticipating that there may be some options for in-person attendance on a limited basis, as well as streaming of the talks and online discussions via our virtual event platform if you're not comfortable to attend in person, or just prefer to join us from the comfort of your own place!




Evidence matters to us as TEDx organizers, and the overwhelming evidence is that vaccination for COVID directly impacts the spread of the virus and protects your health.

If you're wanting to attend in person, we require that you accept the condition of being fully vaccinated (meaning a minimum of two doses of a Health Canada-approved vaccine), and that you are able to demonstrate proof of this at the time of attending. You may use documentation provided by Alberta Health Services, including the online app, or through a recognized vaccine passport from another provincial jurisdiction (yes, we think that we should have that here, too!).

If you're not medically able to be vaccinated (which we accept is a factor), or choose not to be for whatever reason (which we can't fully understand, to be completely honest), you are very welcome to attend the event online.

Further, while we would love to be able to interact at an in-person event without any further barriers, we STONGLY recommend that all in-person participants stay masked wherever possible. This is another important part of fighting the spread of COVID variants, even if you're fully vaccinated.


At the intersection of ideas

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As we plan for our 2021 events, we continue to find that we sit at the intersection of so many great ideas and too little time to pursue them all!

Of course, that's probably an enviable place to be. We'd all be in a much poorer place as a species if good ideas were highly scarce. At the same time, it also makes it more important for us to continually curate the ideas that are best suited to our current time and place in history. Especially as we start to emerge from the pent-up nature of the pandemic, we anticipate that people will be even hungrier for the types of ideas that help us make sense of the next step. We have lots to recover from, and a vast number of choices to make as we attempt to move forward as societies in a post-pandemic world.


How do we ENGAGE: Connected?

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As current news reports are constantly reminding us, our journey with COVID-19 is far from over.

Many of us are likely tired of living through a major historical event and continally unprecedented (modern) times. The urge to get back to "normal" is strong, even though we don't know what that will mean for us going forward, or when it will happen.


Important Event Updates for Fall 2020

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It has been a tumultuous year for our events, but we've got a great line-up coming in Fall 2020!

TEDxCountdown in YYC

It all begins with TEDxCountdown in YYC on October 14 from 7-9 p.m, where we're collaborating with our colleagues at TEDxYYC and TEDxYouth@VictoriaPark plus the great folks at Calgary Climate Hub to present an evening of content drawn from the TED Countdown event occurring on October 10th. Together, we'll be curating a special selection of talks from the more than 50 speakers taking part in TED Countdown, and combining the talks with a superb panel of local experts to add context. Above all, we'll all be focused on getting your thoughts about how and where we can accelerate our journey to a low-carbon future by 2030.

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ENGAGE: Connected

For TEDxCalgary, we're pivoting to a series of smaller all-virtual events for Fall 2020 and Winter/Spring 2021. That starts with ENGAGE: Connected on November 18 from 7-9 p.m., which will be an evening of LIVE talks and deep discussions among participants on how our process of connecting has changed (or not), and how we can do it even more effectively going forward. We'll be featuring some of the amazing speakers who were lined up for our planned in-person event, and recording and streaming their talks from our partner space at WeWork in Calgary. As with all of our events, a big part of the event will be engaging you -- our valued participants -- in discussions about the talks.

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Update on ENGAGE: Deeply Postponement

Sadly, the continuing saga of COVID means that we still can't meet safely in larger gatherings. With great regret, this has forced us to indefinitely postpone our planned 10th Anniverary ENGAGE: Deeply, which already had been postponed from its original March 28 date to October 31. As no one knows when current restrictions will lift, we've decided to cancel the event listing and refund all current ticket holders over the coming days.

The core reason for doing so was the realization that the event just wouldn't be the same if it weren't in person, and held at a suitable scale. Above all, cancelling was an intentional decision to not put anyone at risk when we don't need to: October 31 should be spooky mask-wearing fun for an entirely different set of reasons!

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