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Starting in Fall 2022, Aspen Properties is providing TEDxCalgary with event and office space in The Ampersand and other buildings within its Calgary-based portfolio for the coming couple of years. This provides the TEDxCalgary team with a beautiful community space within a world-class building and business hub.

Aspen Properties is a privately-held, boutique real estate company that owns and manages commercial office space in downtown Calgary and Edmonton. Aspen focuses on creating welcoming work spaces where people feel connected, get inspired, and know they belong.

​Together with their investment partners, Aspen Properties owns and manages approximately 3.8 million square feet of office space in Calgary and Edmonton (plus nearly 3,500 highly sought-after parking spaces in downtown Calgary and Edmonton). Their current assets comprise 14 buildings—eleven in Calgary, three in Edmonton and development sites in each city.

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Aspen Properties
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