Rahim SajanCo-Founder, Curator, and Licencee

Besides being the Curator and Licencee -- which means he lives and breathes everything to do with TEDxCalgary -- Rahim also is a teacher, a former University of Calgary Senator, community organizer, entrepreneur, adventurer and self confessed bookworm. He is an educator in the local public board, where he currently works with students, teachers and industry to make learning and the real world connect. Before this sweet gig, he had other unbelievably cool jobs where he taught science, physical education, robotics, astronomy, and math. He has extensive experience working in some of the poorest communities, and some of the richest, in Alberta.

Rahim is a graduate from the Leadership Calgary program. In any spare moment, Rahim can often be found winning debates about international issues in coffee joints across town (where he counter-intuitively orders tea), or fixing his motorcycles (which is regrettably too often), and going on long range expeditions when they work. When he runs out of twisty roads on the west coast of Canada, he often relies on a sea kayak (if a fishing boat doesn't hire him) to get around to the places which are almost as close to his heart as the highlands of Tanzania where he grew up and emigrated from.

Rahim’s current passion project (besides TEDxCalgary!) is investigating how we can create systems that empower more resourceful humans and create less human resources (www.resourcefulhuman.org ), and he has some thoughts which he laid out in a TEDx talk he gave in Fort McMurray http://youtu.be/2NG-5ZZHvRc

Rahim also posts on social media way too much, as he thinks of it as his digital memory...  find him @rahimsajan on most platforms.

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