Nicole Hartley BradfordAwakening Villages of Connection

Nicole Hartley Bradford has a crazy dream of a world full of re-wilded humans living on a planet we have saved from ruin (she hopes).

She sees this happening by way of our developing radically intimate relationships with ourselves, each other, and the natural world. In her dream, we have come to live again within the intimate connections and social support structure of the village, even within a much larger community or city structure.

In order to help her dream come true, Nicole shares it with others, and asks to hear about their wildest dreams. With those who draw near, she shares tools she and her friends have gathered for natural healing, learning, growing and building connections between people through intentional collaboration on projects like "buddy bags". She trusts that we will save the world. She also realizes we might not — and, if we don’t, she hopes her four children will be proud of her efforts.

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Nicole Hartley Bradford | ENGAGE: Intentionally Salon (June 20, 2019) - Video recorded by Hidden Story Productions | Post-Production by Ben Neifer and Reece Barrett/RB Calgary Photography