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A legacy of engaging deeply

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It's actually a bit misleading to describe this year's ENGAGE: Deeply event as our "deepest, most engaging event ever." 

The truth is, we'd like to think that ALL of our events over the last decade have been part of building toward this year's culminating event for our 10th anniversary of operating as a team.

Along the way, we've always strived to make each event as deeply thoughtful and engaging as our imaginations and resources of the time allowed. When you browse our photo albums on Flickr, we hope that you can see the genuine intrigue, curiosity, and engagement of our event participants.

In that continuing quest, we owe an incredible depth of gratitude to the curator (and licencee) who led the effort throughout most of our years together: Rahim Sajan.

In all things, we've worked as a collective team to conceptualize, plan, and carry out the events of the last ten years. But we still needed someone to spark our imaginations, to light our creativity, and get it to that all-important point where the effort can be sustained. That role was (and still is, just a little more behind the scenes for this year) played by Rahim as a masterful curator, tireless speaker coach, and continuously guiding hand. It's a proud history for us as an organizing team, and an amazing legacy to Rahim's passion for putting great ideas on stage and always working toward encouraging people he touches in his work and volunteering to be RESOURCEFUL HUMANS, not mere human resources.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to visit our past events page to browse the themes and watch some of the talks by the speakers we've had during the last decade. You'll see some commonalities along the way, as we've always stayed true to the UN Sustainable Development Goals that help inform our curatorial voice. We've always been genuinely curious about the world we live in, and seek to build toward a more positive, inclusive, and pluralistic future. Throughout this year, we're going to try and bring back some of those voices in the form of speaker alumni podcast interviews, and hopefully by highlighting some of those influential ideas during our March 28 event -- as selected by Rahim himself.

We very much hope you'll join us on March 28th. It's going to be an amazingly deep and immersive event, but it's the not the first one we've had that can make that claim, and it won't be the last.

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