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How do we ENGAGE: Connected?

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As current news reports are constantly reminding us, our journey with COVID-19 is far from over.

Many of us are likely tired of living through a major historical event and continally unprecedented (modern) times. The urge to get back to "normal" is strong, even though we don't know what that will mean for us going forward, or when it will happen.

It's also a time where those who aren't regularly connected with others are facing many of these challenges alone, or at least partly isolated. That can be deeply troubling, and it truly calls for us to extend more caring than ever before for our fellow humans on this journey. Whether it's your neighbour, someone in another quadrant of our city, or a person far away who shares similar interests, connecting with another person around shared ideas is a very basic but fundamental way to show our compassion for others.

Our next event on November 18, 2020 is titled ENGAGE: Connected.

It is a continuing celebration of our 2020/21 ENGAGE: with Ideas annual theme, but also is a great opportunity to deeply explore how our very concept of connections has changed. Where we might have made connections somewhat randomly at an in-person event, we often now need to seek them out deliberately and make sure they're scheduled in one another's calendars. And, the technical means by which we make them have grown leaps and bounds, sometimes enabling new forms of connection that open up new opportunities.

Our speakers for the event are being specially selected from those who already were ready to take the stage in March, when we had to postpone (ultimately indefinitely) our 10th Anniversary ENGAGE: Deeply event. Their voices are as important now as they were then, and possibly even more so. And, as the world has continued to evolve over the last 6+ months, so have their ideas.

Learn more and get your tickets at the ENGAGE: Connected event page.


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