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Does the world today feel like a bit of an improv experiment?

We live in some very volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times (V.U.C.A. as the term was coined in the 1980s by leadership and strategy experts and subsequently adopted by the U.S. military), and that makes it exceptionally difficult to get traction on many of the very important but intractable issues in our midst. From the places where we live and work, to the political and social realm in the countries and territories we inhabit, the nature of a post-COVID VUCA world has made a mockery of countless well-laid plans.

For our 2023 annual event theme, we selected "Yes, and..." to honour the fact that all of us have a say in the outcomes we seek in our communities, workplaces, and broader societal structures. As a part of our nurturing a culture of conversation in our city, the "Yes," acknowledges the courage others show when they choose to share an idea with us out loud. It's not as easy as it sometimes seems, as we're often told (including by ourselves, via our inner critic) to be wary of ideas that stand out or are radically different. The "and..." is then our opportunity to take the idea even further by adding our own insights and energy, building upon and amplifying the initial concept.

That's also the basic art of improv theatre, where there is a continual process of hand-offs around the basic theme as the actors adaptively co-create a story together. The same applies as a crucial part of brainstorming, where building upon the ideas of others is core to the creative process.

The ideas shared by our speakers are just the beginning of this amazing event coming up on May 6. From their initial thoughts, our participants will have ample opportunities to reflect and talk with one another about how they would take the ideas even further, or apply them in our local, regional, or national context. That's the beautiful part of "Yes, and...": it's a deliberate act of co-creating together as engaged citizens who are curious about the world around us, and care enough to think and do something different.

Join us on May 6 for one of the most immersive events we've ever held, at the beautifully remodelled The Ampersand building, where we'll all gather in front of the "&" sign to make new connections and have deep conversations.

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