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FLOW: Connecting the Dots (2024)


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FLOW is coming...

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Join us for our 2024 main annual event... FLOW: Connecting the Dots!

The concept of "flow" has been near and dear to our hearts for some time... it's that place of deep thought, profound action, and intense curiosity that takes us to a place of peak performance — whatever our chosen discipline or creative endeavour.

Like all our events, FLOW combines thought-provoking talks from the stage by our speakers and deep, immersive interactions with you, our participants. The day will connect across workplaces, genders, and generations of people, and bring us into a state of flow that aligns our curious minds... together.


FLOW also celebrates our 15th anniversary as an organizing team, and marks the same anniversary for the TEDx program overall. When we started our work in 2009, the number of organizing teams was in the low hundreds. Now, there are over 3,000 such teams globally and TEDxCalgary is one of the most experienced on the globe.

Visit our event page to learn more and purchase tickets... and we'll see you at FLOW: Connecting the Dots on May 10th!


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