FLOW: Connecting the Dots Photos

FLOW: Connecting the Dots (2024)


Send some love to our photographers! 

A huge shout-out to all of our event photographers who so magnificently captured the spirit of the day... please take time to visit our photo and A/V team page. They'd love to hear from you!

Big thinking is coming to town...

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What happens when big ideas come to town?

In cases like the WhatWorks 2022 summit from the Social Progress Imperative that's coming to Banff in late May, it's a chance for a premier gathering of global thought leaders, innovators and social entrepreneurs to use evidence and experience to debate and advance solutions that drive social impact.


We're Playing With Fire!

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Okay, let's re-title that to "We're playing with fire... but safely!"

We're incredibly excited to be holding the first of our long-anticipated campfire events, part of our ongoing TEDxCalgary Adventures series.

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