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We're Playing With Fire!

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Okay, let's re-title that to "We're playing with fire... but safely!"

We're incredibly excited to be holding the first of our long-anticipated campfire events, part of our ongoing TEDxCalgary Adventures series.

Some of those adventures take us to new or hidden places you've likely not seen. This one takes us to a place where humans have been gathering and sharing thoughts since we've been a species -- around the warmth of the campfire, under a (hopefully) starry night sky.

It's not accidental that the visual motif for "ENGAGE: with Ideas" and nearly all of the events in our anniversary year of programming reference group conversations around the campfire. It's a place that's been near and dear to us as organizers for a long time, since we're convinced that the campfire environment generates some of our most memorable and meaningful conversations. And, as TED curator Chris Anderson has since alluded, TEDx is part of the global campfire for spreading great ideas.

Light a campfire and everyone's a storyteller - John Geddes (author)

Our event on October 3rd is a chance for curious Calgarians to talk some big ideas around the campfire, still in the midst of our city. It's a chance to connect with others in one of the most authentic and meaningful ways possible, by telling our own stories and sharing ideas in a personal way. We'll start with a short TEDTalk on the big screen to get the ideas flowing, but then literally turn down the lights and let the magic of the campfire do its thing. Where it ultimately goes is up to you, the participants!

Visit our campfire event site for information and to register. We look forward to seeing you there!

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