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Big thinking is coming to town...

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Big thinking is coming to town... Banner image from Social Progress Imperative

What happens when big ideas come to town?

In cases like the WhatWorks 2022 summit from the Social Progress Imperative that's coming to Banff in late May, it's a chance for a premier gathering of global thought leaders, innovators and social entrepreneurs to use evidence and experience to debate and advance solutions that drive social impact.

We at TEDxCalgary were introduced to the Social Progress Imperative by our great friends at ATB (thanks, Camille!). Like us, they're intensely concerned about how we mobilize effective local and global action around some of our world's most complex and intractable issues.

Long ago, we had a wise person tell us that we can't really get started on big change if we continually argue about the numbers. Sound like a problem you're familiar with?

That's where the annual Social Progress Index comes to bear, using strongly researched data on a number of key social progress dimensions (shown below as part of the 2021 global summary) to help influence policy decisions at all levels of society and government. In an increasingly data-literate and data-informed society, it's illustrative to see where the world currently sits, and our country within it.

SocialProgressIndex2021 global

For 2021 results, Canada stayed in the Tier 1 countries and actually moved up a place to #6 from #7 globally. Inside our own intospective bubble, and after a winter of literal discontent in some parts of society about our relative freedoms, the data provides us with a foundational benchmark to assess ourselves and talk meaningfully about "what next?" Even with our own glass more than half full, it's clear we've got room to improve — as do most countries.

 SPI2021 CanadaSummary


We're very pleased to be collaborating with the SPI organizers around helping to program aspects of the Banff conference, and will be fascinated to hear the voices that the SPI's amazing team has worked hard to put together. If you're interested to get involved as a participant or a sponsor, we encourage you to visit the site and get connected. Click on the banner below to find out more, and watch the introductory video.


WhatWorks2022 banner


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